How to find a Cheap DJ

How to Find a Cheap DJ:



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      Define what "cheap" means to you. If cheap refers only to price and you're looking for a talented DJ who owns high-quality equipment, your search will be more difficult. Realistically, you should be willing to compromise quality for the sake of paying a lower price. In major metropolitan areas, paying $800 or less for four hours of service from a DJ is considered by many as "cheap." In smaller areas, $500 or less is considered inexpensive. However, if "cheap" to you means getting a good discount on a good DJ's regular service rates, you may be able to negotiate the price.

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      Browse classified ads sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji. DJs usually list themselves in the event services sections of these sites and often give special discounts to clients who find them through their listings. It is common to find decent, inexpensive DJs on such sites. They may be just starting out, so you can get a good deal most of the time.

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      Search a DJ directory such as WeDJ or 800DJ. These sites have regional listings of professional DJs in all price ranges in all areas of the country. You can browse the listings by location or event type.

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      Look through party services directories such as Party Pop or All Time Favorites. In addition to DJ listings and information, you can also find other event vendors in your area, such as bakers, linen and chair rentals, tents, performers and party planners.

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      Comparison shop so that you have numbers to work with when trying to negotiate a DJ's rate. Let's say you really want to hire DJ "A," but he charges $100 more than DJ "B." If you let the DJ you truly want to hire know you're close to making a decision but price could be the ultimate factor, he may be willing to work out a deal.

  • Keep in mind that no DJ has to lower his rates or offer any discounts. A DJ provides a service just like any other; most set their rates so that they are appropriate for the level of service given.

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