How to Get People to Dance in your party

How to Get People to Dance at Your Party


Parties can get a little dull if the host or hostess doesn't step in to make it more fun. One of the most enjoyable activities to have at a party is dancing, but people won't usually just jump right in. Most people are self-conscious about being the only people who are dancing, so it's up to you to inspire the group. Playing great music will only get you so far, so here are a few tips on how to get people to dance at your party.
Center the Dance Floor
One of the major mistakes you can make at a party is having a remote dance floor. If you want people to dance at your party, but the dancing area in the middle where everyone can see and hear what's going on. The more people who can hear the music and see others having fun, the more will jump up and join in. Your dance floor should also be sufficiently large to accommodate at least three quarters of your guests so that a large number of people can dance at one time. The shy ones will want to be lost in the crowd.

Work with Your DJ
You know your friends and family better than anyone else, so work with your DJ to come up with a play list that everyone can enjoy. For example, if you have guests from different generations, don't play music only from the 90's. Similarly, don't play just jazz or swing or hard rock or country; give everyone a taste of something they enjoy. Talk with your DJ about options for keeping things alive. Chances are, he or she knows more about what gets people on their feet than you do, but don't be afraid to put in your two cents.

Know Your Guests
You know your guests better than the DJ, so make sure to speak up for them. For example, if you know that 90% of your guests like country, don't play a night full of rock music. People won't usually dance to music they don't enjoy, so be sure to give them an excuse to get on their feet. Also, it's always better to have a mixture of guests -- some who are inclined to dance the night away and others who are self-conscious or who don't like to dance.

Play the Favorites
It might sound corny, but no one is too old for the Chicken Dance or a Conga Line or Hora. Since everyone knows they look stupid doing these dances, no one is afraid to get involved, and people will usually remain on the dance floor after such a popular song simply because they've broken the ice by getting on the dance floor.

Start with a Popular Song
Don't start your party with a boring slow song or a tune no one's heard before. People are much more likely to dance to something they know than something obscure, even if it isn't within their usual repertoire of music. Some say it's better to start with a current popular song while others prefer to go with oldies and goodies. Regardless, make sure it's something everyone will recognize.

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