DJ Max Service 101

1 After a client inquire about the service, and agree i book them in my google calendar and assign a number starting with zeros to make sure they are on top of my priority calls.

2 I Interview the clients over the phone or in person to ensure im the right dj for them and, and also i get to know more about the event the people that is going to show up, their music preferences etc. and ask them what do they expect from me...

3 Whit all this information in hand i do research on internet about the venue, music, etc.

4 I set a date in the calendar for follow up calls to make sure nothing has changed.

5 5 day prior the event i began to gather the music create playlist get special songs in order get a timeline etc.

6 The day before the event get a quick check to my van, make sure is working fine,

7 The day of the event early in the morning i load all equipment and go over my checklist, make sure everything is loaded get maps etc.

8 Arrive an hour at least depending of the event, and how accessible is (lets say is in a third floor with no elevator - it already happen to me!).

9 Unload my gear next to the entrance, park away.

10 Setup my equipment test sound, mics, lights etc.

11 Play background Music as the guest arrive.

12 Proceed with the schedule.

13 At the end of the pary i roll up all my equipment about 1 hour... 


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